Uniform : Protocol  (Planet Mu Records ZIQ144CD)

  1. sex is a contract, history is a trick (featuring lydia lunch)
  2. lucid lucid lucid
  3. day 7 in the season of mistakes (featuring olga naiman)
  4. a swollen vendetta (featuring dälek)
  5. are faces objects ?
  6. if
  7. the cynics lantern
  8. no one saw the difference (featuring franko b)
  9. warmth is ebbing from things
  10. when the sun turns to numbers (featuring alan vega)
  11. the symbolist (featuring terry edwards)
  12. he’s above his station

Sleeve design by Franko B



Uniform : Not a Word (Ad Noiseam Records ADN24)

  1. dying at a yes or no
  2. tick bastard tock
  3. say it as you see it
  4. jeckyll and hyde situations
  5. on the right side of wrong
  6. mycn18
  7. no measurements are necessary
  8. you pick mirrors
  9. average everything
  10. the trees will kneel
  11. falling off the morning
  12. wasted unstraight
  13. not a word
  14. you idiot that’s a girl’s bike
  15. rock n roll deaths are an emulation
  16. torn hands

Sleeve design by Franko B




Various Artists : Expedition_2 – ER CD14


CD Compilation from Everestrecords, featuring tracks from Op rechts/Matu, [Sic], Softland, Falls of Mute, Uniform and more…


Various Artists : My Life In An Insulation Test  – ELAP01


CD Compilation from Appliance Japan/Electr-ohm, featuring Sonic Area, After Birth, P.A.L, Germseed, Uniform and more…


Various Artists : Bend It Like Beckett

Bend it like Beckett

CD Compilation from Soundworks, 100 x 1 minute tracks by 100 different artists commemorating the Beckett centenary curated by Danny McCarthy on behalf of Art Trail featuring tracks by Scanner, Richard Crow, Martin A Smith, David Toop, The Ciunas Quartet, Uniform and more…


Various Artists : Ad Noiseam 2001-2006 – ADN60

ADN 60

2 CD and 1 DVD box set from Ad Noiseam, featuring tracks from Uniform, Bong-Ra, Andrey Kiritchenko, Cdatakill, Tarmvred, Detritus, Mothboy, 2nd Gen, Larvae and more…


Various Artists : Recreation-X Display Disobey – CDV016

CDV 016

2 CD compilation from Urbcom Records, featuring tracks from Uniform, Jerico 1, Sudden Infant, Biodrone, Kyosuke Tokanaga, Awax, Somatic Responses and more…


Various Artists : Tonal Destruction – DTA 017

DTA 017

3 CD compilation from DTA Records, featuring Uniform, Hypnoskull, Mlada Fronta, Cell Auto Mata, Magwheels, Cordell Klier, Mago, Wilt and more…


Various Artists : The Birth of Industrial Cool – 23HZCD8


CD compilation from 23Hz Records, a remix album with all sound sources taken from the Arlov sugar refinery in Sweden featuring Uniform, Scanner, Hakan Libdo, Lowfour, Apparat and more…


Various Artists : Uncertainty Device – WASPFAC028


CD from Wasp Factory Records, an album of Leechwoman tracks remixed by Uniform, Ambassador 21, Germseed, Aphasic, Hydra, Needleye and more…