the month of…..


Has been a pretty intense few months with various other projects affecting all 3 of us….Wajid has been putting on his destructivist cap and wading through the debris at Scrapclub and also working headlong in the new showing of the Ear Cinema project…..he’s also been tinkering about with an interactive sound art piece provisionally called the Featherbox….images and sound files will be posted up soon about the project…..Alice has been donning her victorian outfit under her ‘madame du planchette de la cloche’ performance as part of the Falmouth Live Art festival…..Yoshi has been getting up to a bag of mysteries as well as getting married….work on the third Uniform album has started with some extraordinary guest artists already involved (whose name’s we won’t be revealing just yet)…

here’s some images from the collaboration with the performance group Suka Off at Torture Garden…check out more in the photo section

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Thanks to the following people for being involved in previous Uniform performances :

Ellie the Nomad, Helen/Trauma Unit, James from Candoco, Dagmara Bilon and her team, Andreas Constantinou, Daniela Graf-Kunauer, Nikola Jembrih, Barbara Ryba, Clemens Frühwald, Michael Turinsky, Walter Karl Eggerth, Shannon Hancock, Susa Muzler, Michael Zeltner