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Audiograft, Oxford

we’re here soon :

Alphaville International Festival of Postdigital Culture

at the Whitechapel Gallery in the East side of London…..

Sonic City, Kortrijk, Belgium


back from performing at the Sonic City festival in Kortrijk, Belgium, curated by Dalek…..fantastic lineup : Earth, Charles Hayward, Zu, Action Beat (my new fave band), Guapo, Oddettee, Subtitle and a whole load of others….absolutely cracking event….well done to Dalek and all the guys at De Kreun for making it happen…


Zu Dalek Earth Action Beat Dalek Sonic City Dalek and Odditee Earth Zu


the month of…..


Has been a pretty intense few months with various other projects affecting all 3 of us….Wajid has been putting on his destructivist cap and wading through the debris at Scrapclub and also working headlong in the new showing of the Ear Cinema project…..he’s also been tinkering about with an interactive sound art piece provisionally called the Featherbox….images and sound files will be posted up soon about the project…..Alice has been donning her victorian outfit under her ‘madame du planchette de la cloche’ performance as part of the Falmouth Live Art festival…..Yoshi has been getting up to a bag of mysteries as well as getting married….work on the third Uniform album has started with some extraordinary guest artists already involved (whose name’s we won’t be revealing just yet)…

here’s some images from the collaboration with the performance group Suka Off at Torture Garden…check out more in the photo section

Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Piotr & Sylvia Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Sylvia unpicked Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Sylvia Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Hellen, Piotr, Sylvia Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Piotr Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Hellen & Piotr Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Piotr, Sylvia, Hellen Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Sylvia Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Sylvia Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Hellen Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Hellen & Sylvia Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden -:- Sylvia & Piotr, a birthday surprise! Suka Off & Uniform @ Torture Garden  -:- Sylvia & Piotr, a dance

Thanks to the following people for being involved in previous Uniform performances :

Ellie the Nomad, Helen/Trauma Unit, James from Candoco, Dagmara Bilon and her team, Andreas Constantinou, Daniela Graf-Kunauer, Nikola Jembrih, Barbara Ryba, Clemens Frühwald, Michael Turinsky, Walter Karl Eggerth, Shannon Hancock, Susa Muzler, Michael Zeltner

Sonic City

Sonic City 2009

4th & 5th april 2009, Kortrijk, Belgium. Curated by Dalek.

WPT @ elevator gallery


artists include mark greenwoodgermseedstephen cornfordbill leslie & nathan walker,

10 half-hour sets at the elevator gallery in london on the 1st august 2008, 7pm-late.

paying bar, free entry!

elevator gallery, 

mother studios,  queens yard,

hackney wick, e9. 

get dem in!

full knacker

going full knacker on the Ear Cinema project (which now has its own site at….will be ready to perform at the ICA Gallery in october and the Arnolfini Gallery in november….will reveal all soon

suck squeeze bang blow

as you know, Wet Sounds the underwater sound festival 6th – 19th July 08 is happening.

i have submitted one track “seabed” so you can hear that it sounds unique and its way of listening to the sounds reminds me of the isolation tank, dedicated to Albert Hofmann (January 11, 1906 – April 29, 2008)



you gotta love the Swedes

Drunken Swede tries to row home

A last drink proved one too many for a 78-year-old Swede who fell asleep while trying to row home – from Denmark.

Reports say the man had been drinking in the Danish town of Helsingor but found he did not have enough money for the ferry home to Sweden.

Instead of waiting until morning, he stole a dinghy and tried to row the 5km (three miles) across the Oresund Strait to Helsingborg, police said.

But he fell asleep half way and drifted until he was rescued by the coastguard.


Map of Demark and Sweden

The man, who has not been named, was found still asleep in the bottom of the boat, and towed back across the strait – a busy shipping lane – to Denmark.

He was put on the next ferry home after he had sobered up, writes the Danish news service Ritzau.

Police said the owner of the dinghy had decided not to press charges, Reuters reports. 

drown to overtone in hot milk

LAF 08

madame du planchette de la cloche

LAF08 is the second edition of Live Art Falmouth, an annual live art festival taking place on June 6th and 7th of June at Wellington Terrace Annexe, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.

Madame du Planchette de la Cloche

madame du planchette de la cloche



Scrapclub 3 is upon us

a few months down the line and a case of better late than never….the wonderment that is Scrapclub is alive and kicking….it’s been a hectic few months with various projects on the go : Ear Cinema, Instructions for Use, the new Uniform album, MA coursework, a Dirthole US tour and getting my hands on new equipment…..i need a goddamn break so i going to the land of the vikings and gonna eat and drink and eat some more